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Kriddha Insured by TechInsurance, the Business Insurance Experts for IT Professionals
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Why Kriddha?
Our architects understand the art of using an integrated vision and deep commitment to shape your organization by means of architecture. Or a part thereof, as you wish. You can reckon on our technical expertise and vast experience at all levels. Our architects work with outlines and methodologies based on our own ‘best practices’. Knowledge that we gladly impart on our clients. Knowledge that our clients put to their advantage straight away. This is the reason why we frequently publish books on architecture and why we arrange high profile events in our fields of expertise.

  • Total Solutions
    Kriddha offers a total solution: from portal for data capturing to automated processing in processes; fully integrated with your existing application landscape.
  • Independent advice
    From our knowledge and partnerships with leading vendors
  • Fast innovation and flexible scalability
    Do you wish to continue using your existing solutions and profit from the advantages that cloud computing offer, such as fast innovation and extreme scalability?  Kriddha’s integrated system architecture ensures both possibilities.
  • Higher efficiency
    Documenting business processes across various divisions improves the efficiency of both IT and business users. Simple integration of all applications removes IT obstacles and offers flexibility to create business processes that can be used in each and every division.
Enhancing usefulness and success of your IT landscape
Integration via Kriddha results in faster, simpler and less risky integration that continues to function after upgrades. It also offers a new level of access to your existing IT investments.  This enhances the usefulness and success of your ERP, customer systems like CRM and of your other applications.