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Customer Interaction
Customer Interaction Management (CIM) is an advanced management engine that enables you to fully control a universal queue of customer interactions of all types, including telephone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice mail, email, web chat, web transactions, fax and agent tasks. This fully featured contact center solution integrates seamlessly into your business environment and connects existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and other back-office applications, with your contact center, giving you and your agents a complete view of customer interactions.

The Value of Information
Surely you have noticed that during the last decade, information has evolved from a by-product via production factor to a commercial product. Making information available in such a way that appropriate actions flow from it, still poses a considerable challenge. Kriddha enables companies to overcome this challenge by bundling its knowledge, experiences and best practices under the heading ‘Connect & Activate your information’: this proposition details our approach on how to harness the value of your information fully.

The interest of good information provision within your organization is increased by developments such as ‘the new World of Work’, the call for transformation and increased optimization in value chains. Each employee in your organization is both user and producer of crucial information and therefore access to information is essential, irrespective of time or location. At the same time, Research indicates that the failure of most organizations’ information provision holds the most opportunities to increase their revenue and strengthen their innovative abilities.

The Kriddha approach: Connect & activate your Information

‘Connect & Activate’, Kriddha’s information approach, offers concrete solutions for organizing the information chain, from information production through to actions based on adequate information, in such a manner that employees are free to spend their time and talents on: 

  • realizing the organization’s strategic ambitions
  • increasing the organization’s efficiency
  • and strengthening their innovative abilities

The Kriddha specialists assist your organization in optimizing its information provision, so that your information provision will soon also be Connected & Activated. Leaving you free:

To continue the actions that are going well

  • ensuring that you stay on course
  • that everyone in the organization is on the same page
  • that you are able to manage the risks
  • and that you are able to report to stakeholders
  • to comply with legislation and regulations and remain flexible to adapt to changing circumstances
  • and to create value in doing so

To improve where there is room for improvement

  • to ensure that your processes run efficiently
  • and to ensure that your employees are able to work efficiently and effectively
  • to deliver better quality to create transparency
  • to continue developing and
  • to share best practices to continue meeting the ever-changing demands from customers and to continue learning from their experiences
  • and to create value in doing so

To renew and maximize opportunities

  • by ensuring that your organization is able to develop new products, services and processes
  • to enter new markets
  • to deliver new services
  • to generate greater demand in the market and to bring information to the market as a product
  • and to create value in doing so
Would you like to discuss your information provision and how to optimize its organization?
Our specialists are able to take this from an agenda item to daily reality!