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Our Vision
To succeed in a dynamic and globalizing world, organizations need to anticipate the changing demands and wishes of their surroundings even faster. This requires that they chose a clear position and enter into groundbreaking collaborations from that point of departure. The clever application of IT has become an even more crucial success factor in the realization of one’s vision, than it has ever been.
Our Mission
We work side by side with our clients, to ensure that they anticipate developments in their environment timeously and effectively. In doing so, we assist our clients in realizing their strategic goals, in solving socially relevant issues and in adding value.

Our employees
Kriddha wishes to bind people and companies and set them in motion. Our goal is to ensure that both parties fulfill their ambitions. When we talk about people, we also mean our employees. We offer them opportunities to grow. This is realized by bringing together the right people, amongst other things. We also pay a lot of attention to personal development. If our employees grow, our clients grow and Kriddha grows along with them.

Local knowledge is our strength
Kriddha is a locally focused company. We understand the culture and the customs, the legislation and regulations. As a local specialist, we know the American market through and through. We consciously select the market segments where we can utilize our knowledge to the fullest. We use our knowledge to create clever IT solutions and innovative business concepts for clients in the Finance, Public, Healthcare sectors and number of specific Industrial segments. These solutions and concepts cater perfectly to the local situation and are tailored to local & global requirements. Forming a bridge between our clients and their consumers or customers.

Knowledge is power, sharing knowledge even more powerful

We are a specialist, not willing or able to do everything, but keen to operate in various forms of collaboration. We co-operate with our existing fixed alliances for example, but also with temporary collaborations from within or from outside our branch. We know the NA market, our clients and their markets as no other. This enables us to see the links within markets, to exchange best practices and to introduce interesting parties to each other. In this respect, Kriddha as a company operates as a hub in the market. We bind organizations to each other and by doing so we improve our clients’ results and add real value.

Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) come naturally to Kriddha. CSR is clearly embedded in our organization and in our policy. We use our knowledge to support various initiatives locally and abroad. We endeavor to bring our services and to operate in an environmentally friendly manner with regards to energy and mobility. In all of our proposals to clients we discuss CSR, looking for ways to foster sustainability together.