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Kriddha Insured by TechInsurance, the Business Insurance Experts for IT Professionals
  Manufacturing & Distribution
  Service Industry
  Governament & Public Sector
  Process & Chemical
  Healthcare & Medical
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Service Industry
Advance your sales, confident that you can provide superior products and services. Our insurance solutions can help you increase sales while maintaining financial and operational excellence. Rely on clear reporting, analytics, and more advanced sales management and qualification to help you deliver exactly the right product to the right client.
Empower your business users and executives with claims information and operational analytics. Respond more quickly to changes in demand by accessing our product and process templates and taking advantage of industry best practices.

Professional Services
Better identify profitable clients and services, and become confident in your service delivery excellence. Our professional services solutions can help you boost client satisfaction – increasing your win rates, margins, and renewals.
Our solutions can help you gain a 360-degree view of your customers – for better insight into opportunities. Collaborate more closely with existing clients to grow revenue and finetune your business model. Link your talent demand with talent supply more effectively, and strengthen your recruiting and training to keep your service quality consistently high.

Mill Products
Compete better by responding more quickly to change. Our solutions give you greater insight, allowing you to confidently make decisions to improve operations or adjust your portfolio – so that you can capitalize on opportunities.
Use our solutions to reduce inventory and increase visibility to supply and demand. Close order configuration processes faster, ensuring timely delivery to customers. Identify and reduce carbon output to lower overall energy consumption. And improve your ability to make sound decisions to ensure your team is always ready for change.

Achieve better visibility and scale for growth. Our fully integrated mining solutions provide a real-time view of your mining enterprise, from operations to commodity pricing exposure. Our solutions enable end-to-end processes, supporting efficient sourcing, and ensuring timely supply and movement of critical materials, enabling your supply chain to adapt quickly to market fluctuations.
You can streamline transportation and logistics management by fully integrating scheduling with sales. And ensure business continuity across operations by increasing your visibility into health, safety, and compliance performance.

Oil and Gas
Keep up with energy policy changes and ensure operational excellence. Our oil and gas industry solutions give you the visibility you need to deal with oil price volatility and regulations, while leveraging the technology you already have in place.
Easily access up-to-date inventory and physical tank data for better logistics and financial execution. Optimize your IT architecture so your entire team is empowered with the information they need when they need it. And improve productivity through process integration, for stronger financial results.

Reach shoppers who are always on, always connected. Our retail solutions can help you give your customers personalized one-to-one experiences through channels including online, mobile devices, and social media.
Gain insight into customers' lifestyle preferences to help develop new products and services. Increase sales with balanced, optimal stock levels across multiple channels. And ensure that the shopping experiences you offer are valuable enough to become part of your customers' daily lives.

Transportation & Logistics
Execute change quickly across a complex network, whether you're an airline or logistics services provider. Our transportation and logistics solutions help provide the business process integration you need to make your business network operate as one – so that you can adapt to rapid market change.
Meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers with visibility from event management and business analytics that helps you understand customer needs. Create and administer effective loyalty management programs while containing costs. Boost productivity to protect your bottom line in light of high fuel costs – and be confident that you're consistently delivering quality service.

Improve your plant operations and optimize asset availability, while addressing future Smart Grid requirements. Our software solutions help you innovate and keep up with trends in the utilities industry – whether you're dealing with renewable resources or the unbundling of energy markets.
Enhance the customer experience through customer relationship, billing and self service. Increase your bottom line with full access to enterprise data for insightful analysis and product development. Centralize supervision of regulatory compliance and integrate transportation management for optimal efficiency. And, improve asset visibility and performance with end-to-end business processes.

Wholesale Distribution
Leverage powerful analytics to optimize your inventory and offer the right product mix. Our wholesale distribution software can help you gain visibility throughout your business – to create differentiation, offer superior customer service, manage cash flow, zero in on cost control, and achieve profitable growth.

Make it easy for customers to do business with you by enabling multi–channel sales. Acquire, develop, and maintain close relationships with strategic suppliers. And align resources with even subtle shifts in demand and supply.