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Your organization is faced by the challenge of developing its business and IT systems further. Driven by the necessity to adapt to developments such as the expanding globalization, technological innovations, new business models, cloud sourcing and ‘the new World of Work’. Kriddha’s architecture specialists use your organization’s vision and the strategic agenda as its blue print. This solid foundation forms the basis for the development of your products and services, processes and IT systems. Kriddha’s Business and IT Architects are eager to assist you in this endeavor. Enabling your organization to excel in the long run, based on its individual competitive advantage.

The strength of a clear outline
By focusing on your vision and strategic agenda, descriptions of qualities such as efficiency, effectively, meaning, IT governance, compliancy and security are colored and given meaning. Because this is unique to each organization, our architects are involved from the very start. Keeping track of the market. Applying their knowledge of your business. Actively engaging the users within your organization. They translate your strategic agenda and the user requirements to a practical, feasible roadmap for the realization of your ambitions.

From vision to realization
Our approach covers the entire spectrum from vision forming up to and including the implementation and the transformation of your business and IT systems. We translate your wishes and ambitions into solutions that offer scalability and flexibility for the future. Our Business and IT architects demonstrate what the combined value of industry knowledge, technical knowledge, quality, renewal and reliability mean to your organization.