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Package Implementations
Your organization uses IT on many different levels. A change in your business processes implies a change in your IT systems. One or more IT systems are on the list for enhancements and/or renewal. You wish to save costs and/or improve the productivity and/or the quality. Your business operations and the IT support need to maintain a certain level of flexibility and uniformity in this regard. Kriddha can help you with this.

Your choice of proposed solutions

You are faced with the choice: to extend or adapt the existing custom-made systems or alternatively, buying an integrated standard package.
You chose the standard package because of the following advantages:

  • An integrated solution where business processes such as inventory systems, business administration and logistics are coupled in such a way that all of the gathered information can be made accessible to everyone throughout the company
  • Capturing information only once, repetitive use of information, one truth
  • Use of standardized work methods (best practices)
  • Standardized Operational Control

Your implementation partner

The implementation of a standard package begins with the careful selection such a package. The implementation will place great demands on your organization and begs an experienced and reliable implementation partner, who knows your business processes and the selected standard package inside out. Kriddha is such a partner.

  • During package selection, Kriddha is your independent partner
  • Kriddha has vast experience in the technical and organizational implementation of standard packages
  • As a result of our standardized approach, Kriddha implements effectively and efficiently
  • Kriddha trains users and operators of the standard packages
  • Kriddha operates business systems, including standard packages for many of its clients. These operations can be managed remotely or they could be outsourced completely

Why you should choose Kriddha

  • Kriddha has extensive knowledge in package implementations (from 20 to 50,000 users, from ministries to transport companies, from hospitals to incinerators).
  • The Kriddha solutions cover the entire territory from strategy, analysis, consultancy, design, implementation (organizational change), training, operational control and outsourcing.
  • Our consultants are certified and specialized in ‘their’ standard package.

An overview of the advantages

  • Effective and efficient technical and organizational implementation from our vast experience and standardized approach
  • Experts take responsibility for the complete range of activities from strategy, set up, training, Go Live support and operational control
  • Proven knowledge and experience. Our certified experts are ready to assist your organization
Kriddha is your partner for advice, implementation projects and operational control